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How much will is cost to install an outdoor gym at your school?

Ravenscote Community School Using Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym

2nd September 2019

We are often asked, how much does outdoor gym equipment cost for a school?  The simple answer is that it really can cost anything from as little as £1172, for one piece of equipment to be delivered and installed.

As a very basic rule of thumb, we recommend allowing £1300 per piece of primary school equipment, including delivery and installation into grass. This gives you an average price you can expect to pay across our range of 10 primary school products - a sound investment when you consider how many uses per child, per day the eqiupment could offer and the increase in physical activity they will get if able to use the gym during breaktimes as well as PE lessons.

There are many variables that will affect how much an outdoor gym will cost for your school, questions you should ask are:

How many pieces of outdoor gym equipment will I need for my school?

Your gym could have any number of pieces from our 10-piece range. This decision will naturally come down to your budget and the space you have. Each piece of equipment requires 1.5m space around its perimeter to ensure it is safe. Our team can create a plan for you to see how your equipment will fit into the space you allocate.

Which are the best pieces of gym equipment for my school?

Many of the individual pieces, i.e. those for 1 user, are lower in price, however, with many products offering multiple user stations, it could be more cost effective to opt for a more expensive piece of equipment. For example, the Cardio Combi allows 4 children to exercise on it at the same time.

Do I need to add surfacing under my outdoor gym?

Surfacing is not a requirement; the critical fall height is far lower and many of our customers choose not to install with any surfacing at all.  If installed into a playground, we make good the area surrounding the base plate. If you have the gym installed in grass, we would recommend the rubber ‘grass matting’ which helps to protect the area around the equipment, allowing grass to grow through them. These mats are tough enough for a lawn mower to run over the top, so maintenance of the grounds will be easy.

If you wish to add additional surfacing for aesthetic appeal, this is also something we offer, however, naturally it carries a higher price tag. We can apply wet pour or rubber mulch beneath the individual pieces of equipment, or over a larger area in which the gym can sit.

Can I get funding support for an outdoor gym?

Your school may very well be eligible for funding and this can cover the cost of the installation in its entirety. The PE and Sport Premium has been used by hundreds of schools to install an outdoor gym in the past couple of years and those who have spent their funding in this way have significantly raised the profile of PE at their school as well as the levels of activity taken by the children each day. With 25 years guarantee on the structural parts, this facility will stand the test of time and be available for hundreds of children to use over years to come.

Already allocated your Sport and PE Premium? Not to worry, we may still be able to support you in securing further funding, up to as much as £10,000. Speak to us today 01483 608860 for further information.

Are there any Outdoor Gym promotions or discounts running?

We regularly offer promotional packages, both for large and small gyms. These vary greatly but can include a discount on the overall cost of a package or a free piece of equipment.

What teacher support does Fresh Air Fitness offer?

We won't just install your gym and leave you to it. We ensure your staff have all the tools they need to feel confident with children using the equipment, whether this is duing break time or PE lessons. We have:

- created a full set of animations that teach the children (and staff) how to use the equipment safely and effectively. 

- a 6 week lesson planner in which the children can track their progress across a half-term and see how much fitter, faster and stronger they are getting from using the gym.

- an instruction manual for teachers to use alongside the equipment.

we even offer tailored onsite staff training with some packages.

For more information on any of our current offers, help with funding support or to answer any further questions, please call 01483 608860 and speak to one of our friendly team who will be happy to help.

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