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Fresh Air Fitness Outdoor Gym Equipment in use at Primary School

The Children’s Rower – NEW for 2022

For 2022, Fresh Air Fitness is delighted to unveil a brand-new product – The Children’s Rower.

Fresh Air Fitness Children’s Rower Being used by a primary school boy

2nd February 2022

Following extensive market research and customer feedback, the Children’s Rower was the natural choice to add to the existing Primary school outdoor gym equipment range and the reaction to our first few installations has been priceless. 

“The new Rower is my favourite piece of equipment at my school” – Oliver, Year 6.

Specially designed for younger children, the all-ability rower looks great and is a huge amount of fun. This piece of outdoor gym equipment can be used from a seated position and offers a full body, cardiovascular workout. The full benefits of using the Children’s Rower include:

  • It uses all the major muscle groups

  • It's a super-adaptable workout

  • It uses all the major muscle groups

  • It provides cardiovascular exercise

  • It's time-efficient

  • It's low impact

  • It's good for bone health

  • It improves grip strength

  • It's good for all fitness levels

As part of one of the largest child-sized outdoor gym ranges in the UK, the Fresh Air Fitness Children’s Rower can be purchased standalone, added to an existing installation, or built into a package to suit your school’s needs. View our full children’s outdoor gym equipment range

Schools tell us that their outdoor gym equipment never goes unused and has created a huge buzz at playtimes and lunchtimes as well as during PE lessons. Creating an outdoor fitness zone is also a sustainable solution and builds on the capacity and capability within a school, which will benefit pupils now and for years to come.

“We’re seeing children, that at break-times might have previously sat around, now queuing up to get active on the outdoor gym equipment.” - David Harris, Ravenscote Juniors


Boosting Children’s Physical Activity in School

We have carried out extensive research in primary schools who have installed outdoor gym equipment. Both pupils and teachers agreed that the least active children were engaged, sports clubs and activities and holiday clubs were enriched, and physical activity became embedded into the school day.

Having an outdoor gym gives everyone in school the chance to benefit from sport and physical activity, regardless of ability. Children do not compete on outdoor gym equipment, they participate – making it fully inclusive for the most and least sporty. 

Most importantly an outdoor gym transforms the playground into a fully interactive fitness zone that pupils get endless enjoyment from whilst socialising with their friends.

Children’s Rower Technical Information

Sizing information 

The sizing of this piece of equipment is perfect for all primary school age children from KS1 all the way to KS2. Sized down from its adult counterpart, the Children’s Rower is based on the average height of an 8-year-old.

Safety & Labelling

Safety is of utmost importance to us, and all of our Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym equipment conforms to UK safety standards EN1176 and EN16630. Our equipment is produced under ISO9001 for quality standards and management. Our Children’s Rower comes with clear labelling that shows users how to use the equipment safely and recommends certain workouts that will benefit your health and fitness the most. Our products are very low maintenance, but to keep equipment safe for use and in good working order, regular maintenance checks are essential. After installation, we will provide you with a maintenance guide for the Children’s Rower and can even offer maintenance contracts. 


This piece of equipment is built to last, even when used every day, and comes with a 25 year guarantee on structural parts. Paint and finishes come with a 5 year guarantee, bearings and moving parts have a 2 year guarantee, and plastic parts and accessories are covered for 1 year. 

Get in touch 

If you would like more information on our new Children’s Rower or any other pieces of outdoor gym equipment in our children’s range, and how they can enhance your school’s level of physical activity, the Fresh Air Fitness team would love to speak to you today on: 01483 608860. 

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