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5 Ways to have a Happy ‘Active’ Easter

While we are still all on lockdown, we’ve put together some Easter-themed fun ways to get active either in your home or garden in five different ways, this weekend.

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7th April 2020

1) Have a ‘crafty’ Easter Treasure Hunt

Get everyone involved with an Easter themed crafty treasure hunt. You don’t need to have chocolate eggs to play. Get the kids on the case with some crafting, and paint, chalk or colour some paper or card cut-outs to hunt for. Older children can help write clues or riddles to plan the trail for the younger ones. Nominate one person to hide all of the crafty eggs you have created. Then the race is on to find the hidden treasures and dash to the finish line. Work in teams, so the grown-ups have to put in a bit of effort too! 

2) Fresh Air Fitness FREE printables

Whether you are planning an indoor or garden egg hunt this weekend, we've created our very own 'active' egg hunt FREE printables which will have your little ones hopping, skipping and jumping their way to their yummy prize! All you have to do is click the link and get printing.

3) Runaway Eggs

This is a lovely game that guarantees lots of giggles and plenty of dashing around. Nominate one person who is “it” or “the bunny”, and they can wear bunny ears. Everyone else is a runaway egg. The bunny has to gather their ‘eggs’ into a bowl or basket. Place a hula hoop on the ground or mark off a circle or square which will become the ‘basket’ and when the bunny tags an egg-player, that player has to go and stand in the circle. Play the game until all of the eggs have been caught by the bunny and they are all in the ‘basket’. Then assign a new player to be the bunny.

4) The Bunny Pokey


If you love to sing and dance, this is the one for you!

Sung to the tune of the Hokey Cokey, this alternative version will use up bags of energy and have the whole family joining in. Stand or sit and sing through the Hokey Cokey song with new Easter-themed lyrics such as “You put your bunny foot in, your bunny foot out, in out, in out, shake it all about.” Other commands could be: ‘Put your bunny ears in’, ‘put your bunny tail in’, put your bunny nose in, ‘hop your whole bunny self in’, or you can even make up some of your own – the sillier the better!

5) Easter Piñata

Always a hit at kids’ parties, the piñata is the perfect game to let off some steam, but the piñata game must always be played under adult supervision.

Whether you buy one or make it yourself, this will be the highlight of your Easter weekend. Fill your Easter piñata, with treats or small token prizes. To play the piñata game, hang the piñata in its designated spot or use a broom to suspend it in the air if you don’t have string.

Ask the children to stand behind a marker, a safe distance away. Traditionally, to play the piñata game you blindfold the first child in line, gently spin them around three times, and give them a wooden stick so they can hit the piñata , but if you are playing indoors, we recommend you skip the blindfold!

Let each child hit the piñata at least a couple of times before you move on to the next child. Once it breaks, the treats will fall and everyone can help themselves to their well-earned rewards!

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