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children at secondary school using big rig

The Big Rig - Outdoor Gym Training Rig for Secondary School

Multifunctional frame, with workout stations and multiple pull up bars. Offers unlimited workout opportunities to challenge everyone, beginners to advanced. ONLY £13,500!

The Big Rig, ONLY £13,500!

The Big Rig includes a variety of pull up bars, dips and ladders along with multiple workout stations positioned around the edge of the rig, allowing everyone to build muscular and cardio strength, stretch and tone from absolute beginners to those who exercise and play sports regularly. 

A truly inclusive training option, the Big Rig allows everyone to get involved, from the most sporty to those least engaged with PE. Set within an area of 92m2 and suitable for 17+ users at once, it’s the perfect solution for secondary schools and sports teams to work out together irrespective of fitness levels. 

There are also multiple anchor points for users to add training straps, punch bags or battle ropes for additional workout options.

ONLY £13,500 deliverd & installed into grass!

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We are delighted with the Big Rig, it has passed our expectations for popularity with students, we are regularly having 30 – 40 students using the Big Rig every lunch time and we have students staying behind after school to use it rather than going home.


The Benefits of The Big Rig

  • The Big Rig can be used during lessons, for research and as part of general break and leisure time during and after school.
  • Pupils build cardiovascular and muscular strength while developing balance, co-ordination and flexibility.
  • Using the Big Rig improves physical literacy, social interaction and confidence.
  • Workout stations include: Lat Pull Down, Chest Press, Hip Twister, Sit Up Bench, Leg Lift, Leg Press, Dorsal Raise and Step Up
  • Regularly working out in the fresh air supports good mental health and a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity.
  • With a 25 years guarantee, the Big Rig provides an additional sports facility for hundreds of children both current and in future years.

Sandhurst School


A year after installing a Big Rig, secondary school extends its fitness area with complementary outdoor gym equipment.


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