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Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym at secondary school

Sandhurst School


A year after installing an incredibly popular Big Rig at Sandhurst School, the senior management team add to the facility with more outdoor gym equipment.

outdoor gym equipment at Sandhurst Secondary School


Sandhurst School is a secondary school in Berkshire, England with over 1000 pupils. In 2018, the senior management team were looking for an innovative outdoor gym solution that would appeal to a wide section of the students, to be installed in a space that was unused. The local leisure centre, located next to the school, also wanted to make use of the new facility and so the solution needed to be suitable for their clients as well.

Our Solution

After completing a site visit, and further discussion with school, it was agreed that the Big Rig would be a fantastic solution. With 16 user stations and a wide variety of exercise options, there would be real variety for all ages and abilities. The Big Rig was fitted with a mulch surface which not only ensured that the installation complied with the relevant European safety standards relating to fall heights, but also made the site aesthetically pleasing.

1 Year Later

The Big Rig was extremely popular and a year later the school contacted Fresh Air Fitness to discuss an extension to the gym equipment. In May 2020 another four pieces of outdoor gym equipment and mulch surfacing was installed. Although not required for compliance reasons, the mulch provided a consistent look to the extended area. The additional pieces included an Elliptical Cross Trainer, Double Rower and Parallel Bars.

All equipment is suitable for ages 11+ and all abilities, from complete beginners to the most experienced, perfect for the school and leisure centre members.

The Big Rig

We are delighted with the Big Rig, it has passed our expectations for popularity with students, we are regularly having 30 – 40 students using the Big Rig every lunch time and we have students staying behind after school to use it rather than going home.


We are delighted with the final results of the outdoor gym at Sandhurst Secondary School. Seeing our outdoor gym equipment used and enjoyed so much is wonderful, and to add to the facility a year later is testament to the benefits it provides.


The Benefit

  • The school now has a well-used facility catering for the whole school with enough capacity for 23 at one time
  • Pupils are building cardiovascular and muscular strength while developing balance, co-ordination and flexibility.
  • The facility is now being used during lessons, for research and as part of general break and leisure time during and afterschool club.
  • The gym will also improve physical literacy, social interaction and confidence.
  • The equipment can be used by all abilities and ages 11+ providing an additional facility for customers of the local leisure centre and personal trainers alike.
  • Regularly working out and time in the fresh air will support good mental health and a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity.
  • With a 25 years guarantee, the new gym has provided an additional sports facility for hundreds of children both now and in future years.

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