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Greenhill Primary School Outdoor Gym for Kids

Greenhill Primary School get ready to welcome children back to school


by installing a state-of-the-art 34 user outdoor gym into their new fitness area, for all children to enjoy

The Background

Greenhill Primary School wanted to turn a relatively un-used playing field, with only 2 scaffold goal mouths, into a useable fitness area which could accommodate entire class sizes.

The school’s vision was to support all children to develop a love of sport, whether they excelled at PE or not. Head of PE, Sharon Gates drove the project and saw the opportunities of an outdoor gym. She fully understood the benefits of physical activity, and a gym would make a perfect solution for encouraging those children that are less gifted at conventional school sports such as football / netball etc. to get active and enjoy PE lessons, regardless of ability.

The Challenge

To realise the school's vision, the equipment chosen needed to challenge the most athletic, while driving confidence and enjoyment in those who least enjoyed prescribed physical activity.

The field was a large area of land and the school wanted to ensure other forms of sport could be played there too, and so the layout was important to achieve the full fitness programme planned by the school

Our solution

A variety of individual and multi-user pieces of outdoor gym equipment were selected for the site. Single user pieces allow children to set their own pace and, while concentrating on their own movement, allow those less engaged in sport to enjoy the equipment without feeling too slow or intimidated. Those athletic children could set their own pace, moving faster, building strength and fitness, while those who need to build fitness levels could do so gradually, recording and improving personal results without facing the embarrassment of coming last or being the slowest.

The Children’s Elliptical Cross Trainers (ECT) and Children’s Rider, were selected because they offer two forms of exercise. The ECT is a cardio piece, raising the heart rate, getting the whole body moving. The Rider focuses on control, building strength and endurance in the upper body and thighs.

The new Children’s Cardio Combi, although relatively new to the range, has rapidly become one of our most popular pieces of outdoor gym equipment. 4 children can use this piece of outdoor gym equipment at once and the various stations offers a different kind of movement, including running or walking in the air and swinging side to side, building strength, fitness and agility in the body. Children’s Seated Leg Press, a double piece, builds strength in the leg muscles, facing each other make the activity fun for the children. Finally, a Hip Twister, a great piece of equipment to warm up on and develop flexibility before and after and PE lesson.

The outdoor gym was positioned along two sides of the field, leaving a vast area in the centre of the field for the children to play all kinds of other sports.

The Result

Sharon Gates head of PE quote to use for Case Study “Brilliant, absolutely great, can’t wait for the kids to be able to use it. It will be a massive benefit to PE lessons. As with most schools, we have children who love sport, they are talented and naturally gifted, but we also have children who don’t enjoy sport, they feel intimidated, uncomfortable. Unfortunately it we can’t address the problem at this age, many will feel the same about sport throughout life. Giving children the opportunity to work-out on this equipment, at their own pace, having fun is wonderful. I can’t wait to see them blossom in the new school year.”

Brilliant, absolutely great, can’t wait for the kids to be able to use it. It will be a massive benefit to PE lessons


The Benefits

  • 34 children can exercise at one time using this incredible new outdoor gym facility.
  • Supporting lesson plans and video animations will guide both teachers and children through using the gym safely and effectively.
  • The new outdoor gym will support all children in the school to develop their personal fitness levels and their enjoyment of sport and PE
  • Children will develop balance, co-ordination, building agility, cardiovascular and muscular strength.
  • Using the outdoor gym will improve physical literacy, social interaction and confidence.
  • With a 25 years guarantee, the new gym has provided an additional PE and sports facility that will be used by hundreds of children, benefitting pupils who already attend the school and those joining the school in future years.

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