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Thoresby Hotel and Spa


Providing guests with a unique outdoor gym trim trail nestled around the beautiful grounds. A unforgettable workout in peaceful, luxurious surroundings.

fresh air fitness air walker in hotel grounds

The Background

Fresh Air Fitness have worked with several hotels and spas over the years, installing outdoor gyms for guests to use during their stay. Bourne Leisure own some of the biggest holiday brands in the UK, including Haven Holiday Parks and Warner Leisure Hotels. Following the success of the outdoor gym equipment installation at Nidd Hall House, a luxury 4 star hotel with spa, Fresh Air Fitness were commissioned to develop another outdoor gym within the group; Thoresby Hall Hotel and Spa.

Thoresby Hall Hotel and Spa is located in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire. The impressive hotel is situated within a majestic Victorian country mansion that dates back to the early 19th century. It offers a luxury adult-only getaway, the hotel that offers ‘luxury with a twist’. Warner were looking for a high-quality solution that would match their reputation of quality and luxury.

Our Solution

Fresh Air Fitness worked closely with Warner and installed a seven-piece outdoor gym with capacity for 12 users at any one time. These pieces were located around the extensive grounds providing a trim trail for guests to enjoy around the hotel, running or walking in between. The colours of the equipment, in a neutral tones with dark green accents, positioned discreetly amongst the beautiful landscape were sympathetic with the extensive hotel grounds.

The Benefit

The outdoor gym was made up of a combination of cardiovascular and strength building equipment. An Air Skier and Air Walker provide low impact cardio workout, burning energy while toning the legs, bottom and core. Kind on joints, they provide the opportunity to work out as hard as you want to for your own level of fitness. The Seated Leg Press, Rider, Chest press and Pull down challenger offer strength building for intermediate levels of fitness, strengthening, toning and keeping the heart rate up. Finally the Push Up and Dip along with The leg lift station provide a variety of opportunities for developing muscle strength, particularly beneficial for those used to bodyweight exercise in a regular gym.

The Result

The new facility has been well recieved and is being well used by guests. Nestled in the grounds it provides an opportunity to work-out quite privately without being overlooked or watched by fellow guests. The area is peaceful, a wonderful backdrop for a workout at any time of day. The equipment is very low maintenance, allowing staff to focus on other areas of the hotel day-to-day while still offering the guests a unique facility during their stay. As each piece of outdoor gym equipment comes with clear instructional labelling, all guests can use it safely and confidently. The free app also provides access to workout guides and videos showing guests how to use the equipment too!

This is a truly beautiful setting and it's a pleasure to see guests enjoy the new facility at the hotel. Working-out in the fresh air has so many benefits and this outdoor gym provides guests with the opportunity to include an intense workout during their break.


Outdoor Gym Stats

7 piece installation icon

7 piece installation

Suitable or 12 users at once

25 Year Warranty icon

25 Year Warranty

For complete peace of mind

Unique Leisure Facility icon

Unique Leisure Facility

For guests to use any time of day

The Benefits

  • A unique fitness facility all guests can use, with low maintenance requirements
  • Cardio fitness equipment for burning calories and getting the heart pumping
  • Trim trail allows guests to use the equipment as part of a daily walk or jog around the grounds
  • Strength equipment for building or maintaining muscluar strength and definition
  • Nestled in the grounds it provides an opportunity to work-out peacefully
  • Full safety signage is including with every product for ease of use and maximum benefit

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