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Thamesmead School Outdoor Gym


Fresh Air Fitness install a stunning 30+ user outdoor gym facility, complete with vibrant surfacing to clearly define workout zones, for pupils to enjoy on site as part of their enrichment programme.

various pictures of outdoor gym equipment at Thamsemead

The Background

Fresh Air Fitness was selected to provide a dynamic and exciting fitness zone at Thamesmead School.

Thamesmead School is a secondary academy school for boys and girls located in Shepperton. As part of their mission to support healthy and happy pupils, the senior leadership team wanted to broaden their provision of exercise options across the school by introducing a range of state of the art outdoor gym equipment.

The Challenge

The new outdoor gym needed to provide an engaging exercise facility for young people aged 11 – 16, enhancing the school’s enrichment programme by providing inclusive exercise equipmentt for all pupils to enjoy.

As well as looking dynamic and being fun to use, the equipment needed to be safe and easy to operate by teenagers who may not have used gym equipment before.

To ensure correct use, each piece required hard wearing permanent signage with clear instructions and workout suggestions for all fitness levels and abilities.

Most importantly, the Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym facility needed to be eye catching and appealing to use and the team had to come up with a creative solution for placement and surfacing.

The Solution

The outdoor gym equipment chosen included a full range of fitness options from cardiovascular and strength to resistance options.

Allowing 30+ users at once, pupils can use the equipment to warm up, cool down or as part of a PE lesson to engage all muscle groups, for overall fitness and a full body workout.

To support pupils’ understanding of the different types of exercise equipment and how they affect the body, different coloured zones (blue for cardio and green for strength and resistance) were incorporated into the design, along with a vibrant pink area for warming up and cooling down the body, or for floor work. The labelling incorporated clear diagrams to show which muscle groups are being activated to enhance the educational element around physical literacy.

The Benefits

  • The new outdoor gym equipment can accommodate up to 30 users at once
  • The multi-use, exercise zone is both fun and engaging to encourage regular and enthusiastic use by all students
  • The equipment chosen covers the full cross section of physical fitness from cardio and balance to flexibility and strength
  • The gym includes both static equipment and dynamic equipment for variety, development and enjoyment
  • Outdoor gym equipment installed at this site is designed for ages 11+, so suitable for all pupils attending the school and teaching staff too!
  • The facility can be used during PE lessons, for research and as part of general break and leisure time during and after school
  • The gym will also improve physical literacy, social interaction and confidence across all abilities

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