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St Marys & St Pauls C Of E Primary School outdoor gym equipment

St Marys & St Pauls C Of E Primary School Outdoor Gym Project


The school were looking for something that would get the children more active and our 10 user outdoor gym was the perfect solution.

St Marys & St Pauls C Of E Primary School

The Background

St Marys and St Pauls C of E Primary School, Merseyside is a mixed primary school with limited space for the children to play. It has a tarmac playground with the traditional goals, a small covered play area and a small disused section of grass. The school wanted to install something that would get the children more active and find a way of utilising the unused grassed area. They initially considered adding to the existing trim trail but after speaking with the children and the teachers, they decided they’d prefer an outdoor gym.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a safe, fun, vibrant area that would allow a class to exercise at the same time, whilst making the most of the unused grassed area. After initial consultation, Fresh Air Fitness designed an outdoor gym that met with the school’s requirement, budget and time scale for completion and were awarded the project.

The Solution

The final design included a mixture of single and double user equipment. It also included our Cardio Combi which allows four users to exercise at the same time, all working independently of each other, allowing all levels of fitness and ability to work at their own pace. From the single user equipment, the Arm & Pedal Bike and Rider provide a full body workout building strength and burning energy. The double pieces included the seated Leg Press for developing balance, strength and tone in the lower body and Double Cross-Country Skier, for whole body workout.

The Result

By making an unusable patch of ground accessible all year round, the new gym expanded the school grounds, enhanced the PE programme and increased the opportunity for children to be more active during break-times. As a result, children are more physically active in a safe, secure environment, using the equipment to exercise individually or as a group.

The gym looks fantastic and the kids have loved using it. The training session was a huge success and seeing them enjoying the equipment like this is just brilliant.


The Benefits

  • With a 25 years guarantee, the new gym has provided an additional PE and sports facility that will be used by hundreds of children, benefitting pupils who already attend the school and those joining the school in future years.
  • The new outdoor gym allows groups of 10 children to exercise at once. Supporting lesson plans allow a full class to enjoy the facility during PE.
  • It offers a completely new style of sport to the school, one that will help children to lead healthy and active lives.
  • Pupils will develop balance, co-ordination, build agility, cardiovascular and muscular strength.
  • Regular use will also improve physical literacy, social interaction and build confidence for all children, irrespective of fitness levels or competence.
  • The facility has benefited the whole school as children from every year use the outdoor gym regularly during playtime and PE lessons.

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