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Spinner outdoor trim trail

Outdoor Gym Opens at Furness Vale, Derbyshire!


The community celebrate as enough funds are raised to regenerate their park and install an outdoor trim trail, which was top of their wish list!

The Background

As part of the parks regeneration project and following consultation with the community, a wish list was created by COGS (Community Organising Green Space) group at Furness Vale for various improvements to their park. After many months of fundraising, they raised enough funds to install an outdoor gym for their community. “We chose to work with Fresh Air Fitness following recommendations from other local schemes” Susanne Lomas, COGS

The Challenge

Furnace Vale park is the hub of the community. The venue is used for events throughout the year, from music festivals to football tournaments and so planning the location for the outdoor gym was critical. In addition, the outdoor gym equipment would be used by the entire community, of various ages and abilities.

Our Solution

Fresh Air Fitness proposed a trim trail for COGS. This enabled the pieces of equipment to be placed around the park without encroaching on the space used for the various community events. Running around the park along the perimeter path meant that the community could walk, jog or run between pieces too, adding to their fitness sessions.

The Results

We provided a 5 piece trim trail, each single used stations. The Tai Chi Spinner for warming the body, arms and shoulders. Elliptical Cross Trainer, Arm and Pedal Bike, Air Walker and Self-weighted rower for cardiovascular training, strengthening the heart and toning the muscles across the entire body. The feedback, “Robust, attractive and appealing fitness equipment suitable for purpose and for a wide range of ages and abilities.” Susanne Lomas

“Our fundraising project to lease and refurbish our Football Field and Community Space has been a very long and arduous journey but has brought rich rewards to our community”


"I found the sales team at Fresh Air Fitness accommodating and professional. The whole ordering process was trouble free"


"The outdoor gym has provided free fitness experiences for many local residents”


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Trim Trail

The Benefits

  • Great for cardiovascular training and toning the muscles across the entire body
  • Suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities
  • Part of a successful park-wide regeneration project
  • Available to the entire local community
  • Robust, attractive and appealing fitness equipment
  • Can be used as part of trail, allowing users to run, walk or job between each piece

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