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outdoor gym at SEN school

The Hive College

Outdoor gym improves students mental health and fitness.

Area transformed into new Outdoor Gym improves students mental health and fitness.


The Wilson Stuart UCB Partnership Trust were specifically looking for further physical activity opportunities for the students at the Hive College. Fresh Air Fitness transformed an unusable area of land to create a wonderful outdoor gym.

transformation of unusable land to outdoor gym at SEN school

The background

The Hive College is in the north of Birmingham and caters for 91 students aged 19-25 years. These students range in their cognitive and communication abilities and are supported to access the community, improve their independent living skills and to secure internships.

The college were specifically looking for further physical activity opportunities for all their students to improve not only their physical well-being but also their mental wellness.

The Challenge

The College were looking to transform an unused piece of land approximately 175 metres in size into an area suitable for physical activity. This would be split into an outdoor gym and a space for free form activity. The unused area had small plants, shrubs, paving slabs and drains within it, making the transformation project more complicated.

Our Solution

Following on from various communications and two site visits, Fresh Air Fitness advised a six-piece outdoor gym solution for nine users at any one time. This included two inclusive pieces to provide activity opportunities for students in wheelchairs. The six pieces gave a mix of cardio, strength, and flexibility activities, including the Disabled Combination piece which provides resistance exercises for wheelchair users to improve upper body strength.

In addition to the gym itself, Fresh Air Fitness cleared the area, installed a timber edging, provided a durable stone base, and laid a 40 mm rubber mulch surface. This will make the area longer lasting, as well as providing a flat and durable area for other physical activities to take place.

We have been so pleased with our new equipment and thank you for a smooth installation. The students have gained so much from the equipment in terms of mental wellness, fitness and preparing for adulthood


The benefits

  • An outdoor fitness facility that can be used all year round
  • An inclusive facility that everyone, including wheelchair users can enjoy
  • 9 user stations, for 9 people to use at the same time
  • Safety surfacing that also improves the aesthetics of the outdoor gym
  • A combination of strength, cardio and flexibility equipment
  • A transformed landscape with stunning visual appeal

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