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outdoor gym equipment at Manchester College

Manchester College chooses Fresh Air Fitness Outdoor Gym


Fresh Air Fitness was selected to provide a people-powered, sustainable range of attractive outdoor gym equipment to Manchester College at the Wythenshawe site. With a focus on wellbeing, the installation of outdoor gym equipment gave students a new way to enjoy all of the benefits of exercise whilst being outdoors in the fresh air and natural daylight.

outdoor gym equipment at Manchester College

The Background

Manchester College is currently the largest further education college in the UK and the number one provider of 16-19 and adult education in Greater Manchester. In Summer 2021, they opened brand new facilities at the Openshaw campus, located close to the Etihad stadium, which are home to their Centre of Excellence for Sport.

The college wanted to install an outdoor gym equipment to support wellbeing amongst pupils and they chose to partner with Fresh Air Fitness.

The Challenge

The new outdoor gym needed to provide an engaging exercise facility for young people aged 16-19, enhancing the college’s already amazing sport and health offering.

As well as looking dynamic and being fun to use, the equipment needed to be safe and easy to operate by students who may not have used gym equipment before.

To ensure correct use, each piece required hard wearing permanent signage with clear instructions and workout suggestions for all fitness levels and abilities.

Most importantly, the Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym facility needed to be robust, sustainable, environmentally friendly and offer a full range of whole-body exercise options.

The Solution

The outdoor gym equipment selected provides a full body workout and is free for all students to use. The new outdoor ‘gym zone’ can be enjoyed by all students for years to come. It was split into two zones, one which was for more strength based equipment and a second area which was a cardio area.

The cardio area was set with all the pieces facing inwards to encourage more social interaction when using the equipment.

Equipment pieces include:-

Arm & Pedal Bike for Wheelchair Users - The Inclusive Arm & Pedal Bike is designed for use by wheelchair users. Simple, yet effective, low impact pedals develop cardiovascular fitness, strength and tone in the arms and legs while improving coordination, cardiovascular strength and core stability. The cycling motion helps to increase blood flow to the lower half of the body.

Rider - One of our most popular pieces of equipment, the Rider is easy-to-use and suitable for all abilities. Similar to a rower, but positioned upright, users push with their legs while pulling with their arms against resistance, moving their entire body up and down. Setting their own pace, moving as quickly or slowly as they choose, building cardio strength, stamina and muscular strength.

Air Skier - The Air Skier is perfect for working out with an exercise buddy. Facing each other you work the equipment using your core strength. Get into a steady rhythm and this piece is excellent for improving flexibility and offers a good cardiovascular workout. This piece has a low impact on the joints.

Double Air Walker - An excellent alternative for jogging and power walking, the Double Air Walker exercises the legs, hips and core. You can also build muscular strength, improve your balance, coordination and flexibility.

The Double Air Skier - Allows you to work out with a friend and offers an excellent cardiovascular workout as well as having a very low impact on the joints.

Push up and Dip Station - The push up and dip frame provides a very good calisthenics type workout. Whether you are an advanced user or complete beginner this piece can be used in a number of different ways and with resistance bands for additional support if you are just beginning your fitness journey.

Leg Lift Station - Used for strength building, the Leg Lift Station is for knee raises and leg lifts. Beginners can start off with knee raises, which builds strength and tones the upper thighs, as well as activating the core and arm muscles as you grip the handles. For more advanced users, leg lifts work the same muscles but in a more challenging way due to the full extension of the legs. The leg lift station also has a second set of handles at the back of the frame, perfect for neutral and lateral grip pull-ups.

Questions about Funding?

Our team of experts can provide you with everything you need to know about funding for your outdoor gym equipment. We also provide a FREE downloadable guide on funding which includes all of the options currently available to educational settings.

About us

Fresh Air Fitness is a leading provider of award-winning outdoor gym equipment in the UK. Since 2007, we have installed over 4,000 outdoor gyms. A Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym is robust, sustainable and environmentally friendly. We also have one of the widest ranges of outdoor gym equipment in the UK, which you can buy as a set package or cherry pick your favourites. If you would like more information, one of the Fresh Air Fitness team would be delighted to assist with your enquiry on 01483 357289 (South) or 0151 3293550 (North). Or find out more about the work we do with Colleges and Universities here.

A fantastic facility! Students are now able to use the outdoor gym equipment for a full body workout at a time that suits them, for free! Supporting their physical and mental health.


The Benefits

  • Engagement of more students in regular physical activity
  • Video and app support students post installation
  • Improve students physical and mental health
  • Sleep deeper, maintain sharper focus and better manage stress
  • Highly sociable, a great way to meet new friends.
  • Site inspection - advice on layout, surfacing and waterlogging solutions

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