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Ilton Parish Council Open Fresh Air Fitness Outdoor Gym


Fun for the whole family at their outdoor gym launch event.

Ilton outdoor gym OPEN!

The Background

It was the parishioners of Ilton Parish Council who requested that an outdoor gym would be a great facility to have in their local recreation ground. After a rigorous tender process Ilton Parish Council chose to work with Fresh Air Fitness on the project. “We chose an outdoor gym because we had several negotiations with the local parishioners about how to spend the funds and it was them that wanted the outdoor gym” said Councillor Ian Welch, who went on to say, “local Council rules state that we needed to get 3 quotes, all were very competitive, so I left it up to the Council and they decided Fresh Air Fitness was the one.”

The Challenge

Ilton Parish Council is a small parish with a broad range of ages in the community. The Council wanted to install something that would be accessible to all, that all ages could use and benefit from. The gym had to fit seamlessly with the MUGA (multi use games area) already installed in the park.

Our Solution

Fresh Air Fitness designed a multi-use gym, fully installed with grass mats, so that over time the grass would grow back through ensuring the gym was sympathetic to the stunning location it was installed into. The first part of the outdoor gym was made up of 9 pieces for teens and adults 11 years and above. The selection was chosen to ensure people of all ages and abilities could use it, even if they’ve never used a gym before. Strength equipment including a Leg Lift Station, Chest Press and Pulldown Challenger to help build muscular strength and tone. Cardio equipment including an Air Skier, Double Air Walker, Bike, Arm and Pedal bike, Rider and Double Rower, to raise the heart rate and burn fat, improving fitness and stamina. And finally, a Disabled User Arm and Pedal Bike, designed specifically for wheelchair users. Alongside this gym and next to the MUGA, a table tennis table was installed. Perfect for developing agility and cardio fitness, the table tennis table can be used by everyone, children, teens, adults and older people, really helping to bring the community together. Finally, a children’s arm and pedal bike was installed, enabling children to workout alongside their families when they are using the gym. Both sections are easily accessible from the path.

The Official Launch

To support the community in using the equipment, we held a launch day. A wonderful opportunity for everyone to come and celebrate the new facility in their parish. There were face painters and an inflatable assault course for children to enjoy. A Personal Trainer was on hand running workout sessions, walking people through the equipment and giving them hints and tips on how to get most benefit ffrom them in order to meet their personal fitness goals. The personal trainer followed this up with a series of group classes, every Saturday morning for anyone in the community to attend, free of charge.

See the launch event in action

in this lovely video taken on the day

We’re in our 70’s and to think we can use this for nothing is great!


There’s such a good mix of cardiovascular equipment, strength equipment. If you’ve got problems with injuries there’s equipment that will help your mobility and help to get people back into shape


I hope that it brings the community closer together, makes them fitter and allows them to enjoy being outside and the country life that we’ve got here


The Benefits

  • A Children’s Arm and Pedal Bike and the Table Tennis Table allow children to use the gym alongside their parents, promoting fitness, health and wellbeing from a young age.
  • The strength equipment is ideal for teenagers to build muscles and tone their bodies, giving them confidence, boosting self-esteem.
  • Low impact equipment is ideal for people who have little experience in fitness or using gym style equipment. Also ideal for those returning from injury.
  • The cardio equipment raises the heart rate and burns fat, helping to improve health, reducing obesity whilst boosting mental wellbeing. Preventing or reducing obesity helps prolong life and reduce the risk of obesity related diseases. In turn this will also reduce the need for visits to the GP or hospital.

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