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The Story Behind 'The Big Rig'

The unique outdoor training rig with 7 fixed workout stations and multiple pull-up bars.

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18th June 2020

The Big Rig was launched in 2016. We developed the concept having seen a trend in rigs growing in popularity throughout indoor gyms and fitness studios and so we got to work on designing and developing a similar solution which could be enjoyed outdoors, in the fresh air.

The Big Rig has 16 user stations, allowing a wide range of exercises, which are suitable for everyone from beginners through to advanced users. In one product, we had found a solution for many who want to exercise, for free, in their local park, on their corporate campus, as part of a rehabilitation programme on an NHS site and in many more locations. It has been extremely popular with all age groups from young people all the way through to our seniors. Whole communities are coming together and getting enjoyment and socialising, whilst improving their fitness levels.

In terms of its flexibility, the Big Rig was designed to combine a unique mix of dynamic moving and static pieces, this not only made it one-of-a-kind in the marketplace, but it also offers the whole range of fitness techniques covering aerobic, strength, flexibility and balance. Doing a bit of each type of exercise provides the body with a full range of health benefits.

The Big Rig is quick to install and very space efficient. You will require just a 11 by 9 metre space. Many of our customers have found they can completely transform a previously unused piece of land and our team is available to visit you on site and advise on the best space to use, based on your needs.

In order to supplement usage of The Big Rig, we created a series of innovative animations and “how to” videos which provide instruction in an easy to access digital format. We also built the Fresh Air Fitness mobile app on Google Play and the Apple Store for those looking for workouts and information on the move.

The feedback on the Big Rig, the number of users that it caters for and the value for money it brings has received glowing reports from councils, community groups and educational organisations.

Graham Kearney, Estates Manager at Kidlington Parish Council told us:- “The Big Rig has been a wonderful addition to the facilities that the Parish offers the community. It is a unique piece of exercise equipment and we were unable to find anything comparable when we researched outdoor gym equipment.

“The Rig has been a great addition to the opportunities available for exercise across our School” commented a teacher from a Sixth Form college, in Surrey.

 “Thank you @FA_Fitness for installing the #bigrig at our school and a massive thank you to The Friends of MHS for funding it!!” tweeted staff from More House School, in Frensham.

If you would like to speak to one of the team or arrange a site visit, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us on 01483 608860.

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