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Lady using outdoor gym Recumbent Bike Fresh Air Fitness

NEW for your outdoor gym, the Recumbent Bike

Our new Recumbent Bike will make the perfect addition to your outdoor gym  

Man using Fresh Air Fitness Recumbent Bike

11th October 2018

Our Recumbent Bike provides a similar experience to that of our regular Bicycle however the user is in a laid-back position, giving more support to the body. In the same way as our Bicycle or Arm and Pedal Bike, the Recumbent bike gets the heart rate up, burns calories and improves cardiovascular strength. It is also suitable for all ages and abilities and works well as a warm up piece.

However, this shift in the user’s body position means the recumbent bike has some well documented benefits. Firstly, with an upright bike the user is hunched over the handlebars, whereas the Recumbent Bike encourages better spinal posture and the lower back is supported by the bucket seat. Recumbent Bikes are also gentle on all your joints and due to this low impact can reduce the risk of pain while still building strength. Furthermore, the piece can be beneficial for older users, especially those whose back and hips are affected by rheumatoid arthritis, as the reclined position helps spread the user’s weight over their back and buttocks.

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