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animation showing how to use primary school outdoor gym equipment.

Teacher Support

Once a Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym has been installed at your school, we provide a useful set of training material to support your teachers to make the most from school gym equipment.  

Fresh Air Fitness Primary School Lesson Planner for Outdoor Gym Equipment

18th October 2021

Outdoor Gym equipment in Primary Schools

Critical to the success of an outdoor gym equipment installation is to ensure that teachers across the school are confident in demonstrating and using the equipment with their class.

As part of the Fresh Air Fitness package, we provide primary schools with a comprehensive range of collateral which gives all teachers the skills they need to teach using the outdoor gym effectively. We want every teacher to feel confident while the children use the gym for maximum enjoyment and effectiveness.


Training Guides and Interactive Videos

We provide a full training guide for each individual piece of equipment, which explains the various different ways they can be used, and which body parts will benefit. 

From building strength in all the major muscle groups, developing cardiovascular fitness to improving flexibility, balance and co-ordination each piece of outdoor gym equipment is designed with a specific aim in mind.

We have also created a full series of child friendly, informative animations that can be found on YouTube. These can be watched together in class as a fun way to both teach the children how to use the equipment safely and to get them excited to try the gym out.  

Innovative PE Lessons in the Outdoor Gym

A set of lessons plans have been developed to provide structure and variations whilst using the outdoor gym equipment.  These support teaching staff to introduce an outdoor gym into the PE curriculum seamlessly and, used consecutively, track the physical development of each child across the school year.

Each lesson includes a fun warm up game for all the children, and then a chance for children to use the equipment in a variety of different ways for maximum benefit and fun! 

We have also created easy to follow circuit classes, designed for a class of up to 30, including warm-ups and cool downs. 


In-Person Training 

If you would like to discuss further training, including in-person, this can be planned on a bespoke basis, do speak to one our team and we can discuss all of the different options with you.


Want more outdoor gym equipment?

Our team regularly return to schools to add further pieces of outdoor gym equipment. This often happens due to the popularity and high usage of the outdoor gym equipment.

Schools that welcome children from primary through to senior school age may also wish to add some adult sized equipment to suit their senior pupils or a Big Rig to support training schedules for school sports and athletics teams. 

Whatever your additional need may be, we would love to hear from you on 01483 608860.

For examples of how our outdoor gyms have transformed activity levels in schools please visit our Outdoor Gyms For Schools Success Stories.

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