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How to stay safe when using your local outdoor gym

Working out in the fresh air is a great way to stay fit and there are hundreds of outdoors gyms in parks, up and down the UK, to help you do this.

man cleaning outdoor gym equipment in park

7th December 2020

Since Covid-19 arrived earlier this year, outdoor gym equipment has featured more and more often in central discussions as part of the overall public health agenda. It is a main driver for the government to encourage a lifestyle with fitness at its core and outdoor gyms tick all the right boxes as they are found outdoors, with well-spaced equipment and the additional benefit of vitamin D. 

As the leader of outdoor gym design, manufacture and installation in the UK, here are our tips on how to use your local outdoor gym safely and within your local government guidelines, in order to ultimately have a really great workout. 

Prior to your visit

As the Coronavirus levels fluctuate in the UK and in different parts of the country, it is important to check the latest government guidelines to ensure you are able to use your outdoor gym and that is open for use.  

To check the latest government advice, you can visit

Upon arrival 

When you arrive at your gym, check how busy it is and decide if you can safely use it whilst maintaining a 2m distance from everyone around you - then you can get started. 

If it is too busy, either wait a safe distance away for the equipment to become available or come back another time. Before you start, use antibacterial wipes or spray and a cloth to clean all touch points. Then, sanitize your hands.

During your workout

Remember not to touch your face and do not eat during your outdoor gym session. Water bottles with sports lids are a great way to stay hydrated without your hands touching your mouth. When moving between pieces of equipment it is important to wipe down all surfaces, as well as your water bottle and your phone, as you move from station to station. 

After your workout

Once you’ve finished your workout and cleaned down the last piece of equipment, dispose of any wipes and any other litter you have, in the nearest bin. And finally, sanitise your hands.  

For more information

For more information on Fresh Air Fitness gyms, how to use the equipment or workout tips, visit our YouTube channel or download our app. Simply search Fresh Air Fitness in Google Play or the Appstore. 

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Using Outdoor Gym Equipment Safely

During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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