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Outdoor gyms can help glaucoma, girl with glasses

Regular exercise helps prevent Glaucoma

Adding to the already long list of over 35 diseases that could be prevented, mitigated or ameliorated through regular exercise (see below), new research from the UCLA has indicated that Glaucoma can now be added.

Older people exercising on outdoor gym

14th December 2017

It has long been known that improved blood flow is good for the eyes, but initial findings suggest that Glaucoma, which is the second biggest cause of blindness worldwide, is less likely to occur by up to 73% in those who exercise regularly.

It is not necessarily a message that many of us would like to hear, but it is becoming clearer and clearer almost every day, that if we want a healthy happy life we have to exercise regularly, and certainly the short pain of breaking out of our comfort zones is repaid many times over in preventing suffering later on.

At Fresh Air Fitness we are committed to helping more people get more active more often.,5ADVL,8905CO,KEBG8,1

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