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From Acorns to Oak Trees

Nurturing our Environment with Carbon Forest

Tree planting offers amazing benefits both to nature and our overall health

Find out how we're working with Carbon Forest to plant trees across the UK

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2nd February 2021

Giving back to nature

It makes us feel good and is great for the planet. We believe that whatever we do to give back, small steps lead to big results. This is why we have a partnership with Carbon Forest. 

Based at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, Carbon Forest specialise in developing woodland for carbon capture. They have planted over 9.5 million new trees creating over 200 new woodlands in the UK since 2006. 

Environmental issues will always be extremely important to us and we know that they are important to our customers too, which is why we pledge to continue planting trees, to do our bit and to give something back to nature.

Benefits of tree planting

We are committed to tree planting because of the amazing benefits it provides to nature as well as our overall health. Trees give off oxygen which we need to breathe, providing us with all important fresh air. Trees also reduce the amount of storm water runoff, which in turn reduces erosion and pollution in our waterways and may reduce the effects of flooding. Many species of wildlife depend on trees for habitat. Trees provide food, protection, and homes for many birds and mammals. 

Tree planting is a complex process which is why we partner with the experts. Our experts ensure we stick to the rules of planting the right trees in the right places, protecting existing natural forests, and involving local communities. 

A raft of ambitious tree-planting projects is underway across the UK and our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has himself stated he is aiming to plant 30,000 hectares (300 sq km) of new forest per year, nationwide, by the end of this parliament. We love this initiative and are happy to be contributing to making this country a much greener place!

What happens to the trees we plant?

There is nothing more satisfying than planting a tree and watching it grow over the coming years, knowing all the amazing ways it will benefit our communities. The trees planted on behalf of Fresh Air Fitness, are grown, with care, from saplings in a dedicated nursery.

The trees our experts plant are a healthy mixture of native species, something which is of utmost importance in protecting trees from pests and disease. In addition to this, none of the trees we plant are harvested or cut for timber.

Fresh Air Fitness

Since 2007, Fresh Air Fitness has designed, manufactured, and installed over 3000 outdoor gyms and is the market leader for outdoor fitness in the UK. We believe being outside, surrounded by fresh air and nature, is the finest way to enjoy exercise.

If you would like to find out more about how our outdoor gym equipment can bring your community a new way to explore the benefits of fresh air and exercise, please get in touch.

All of the Fresh Air Fitness outdoor exercise equipment is manufactured to the highest standard and is certified to the European Standard of EN1176 & EN16630. Our outdoor gyms are durable, easy to use, affordable and include a 25-year warranty for extra peace of mind. We also design and manufacture adult size and child size equipment to suit the exact requirements of any project, whether it is for use at your school or outdoors in your local green space. 


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