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Happy Father's Day!

To celebrate all of our lovely Dads, Grandads and other amazing men in our lives, here are three fun but challenging Fresh Air Fitness workout ideas. 

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25th May 2021

It’s Father’s Day this month and we want to thank all of our lovely Dads out there with three fun but challenging Fresh Air Fitness workout ideas. 

There's no better cure for a stressful day or busy mind than sunshine, exercise, and fresh air and our outdoor gym exercises will help you recharge and give you all energy you need for back-to-back football, swimming and park trips at the weekend. 

We’ve chosen three key pieces of outdoor gym equipment from Fresh Air Fitness, which get your heart rate going, boost the immune system and keep you feeling ripped and ready. 

Chin Up Bars

Chin Up Bars build arm and back strength, as well as gripping and pulling strength. 

Supporting your body weight for one pull up, let alone several, requires some major strength. It will be challenging at first, but within a week or two you're likely to start seeing some major improvements.

To get started, head down to your local Fresh Air Fitness park to the chin up bars. Gripping the bars above your head, steadily raise your body up, until your chin is above the bar, hold for 10 to 20 seconds, and lower. Do this 3 to 5 times. Once you can stay up longer than 20 seconds, add weight to increase the challenge. Also – try giving ‘negatives’ a go: Start with your chin above the bar, and then gradually, in a controlled manner, lower your body back down. 

Cross Country Skier

Even those times when you're feeling pressured and rushed, make it a priority to spend at least 20 minutes outside every day. Oxygen directly fuels over 90% of all body and mind functions making it an essential part of feeling and performing at your peak. 

The Fresh Air Fitness cross-country skier is a whole-body workout. If you're aiming for weight loss, full body workouts will maximise calorie burn. If you are time poor, full-body routines are an efficient way to cut down the hours you spend exercising without skipping a major muscle group.

To get started, climb onto the cross-country skier, engage the abs and get the motion going,  have a nice straight upper body, shoulders back and keep to your rhythm. This piece of equipment is such a great cardio workout that it increases the afterburn effect, burning calories for up to 24 hours after your workout is complete. The great news is, if you are a total beginner you generate more afterburn because the movements are new to the body, which means expending more calories.

Sit Up Bench

It is a huge myth, that you need a big amount of time or expensive equipment to be able to get a really effective workout in. The simple, Fresh Air Fitness Sit Up Bench is an extremely versatile piece of equipment, provides a safe yet intense core workout and is free to use at your local park gym. 

To use the bench for straightforward crunches, simply sit on the bench and tuck your toes underneath the bar, cross your hands over your chest and lay your body back in a slow and controlled fashion. In only a few minutes, doing a few sets of these will really boost your metabolism. 

You can also build muscle in your arms by using the sit up bench to do tricep dips. Sit on the bench, place your hands either side of your hips, palms down, push your legs out straight in front, positioning your body around 6 inches away from the bench then sit back, bend your elbows to form a 90 degree angle, then push slowly back up. Breathe out on the way up. Stay on your heels throughout the whole exercise to allow your arms to do all the work.

Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gyms support our local communities and our busy Dads in their lose weight and get fit and strong for their families! If you would like to see even more ways to get in a great workout for free using Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gyms, take a look at the Fresh Air Fitness YouTube page

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