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This week is National Obesity Awareness Week

Obesity has already become a worldwide health crisis but this is even more true in western countries and especially Britain.

11th January 2018

We are the most obese nation in Western Europe.  Although this is a huge (no pun intended) problem already what is most frightening is the statistics amongst school age children.  Research is clear that children who are overweight in childhood are much more likely to be overweight throughout their lives.

Over 1 in 5 children in Reception and over 1 in 3 in year 6 were measured as being overweight or obese.  This has increased 10 fold in the last 40 years and the trend is getting worse. Last week Public Health England launched a campaign to encourage parents to give healthier snacks to children.  The “sugar tax” on soft drinks is coming into effect this April and the proceeds are being used to help fund better sport and PE provision in Primary Schools through the Sports Premium.  All these are a good start but much more needs to be done to change our habits and attitudes to healthy diet and physical activity.

In this article by Chris Wright, Head of Health and Wellbeing and the Youth Sports Trust, he makes an impassioned plea to do all that we can to get children more active, more often by providing them with all the support and opportunities they need to make activity a natural part of their lives.

Fresh Air Fitness is a leading provider of outdoor gym equipment for a broad range of clients. We provide two lines of outdoor fitness equipment – our Children's Range for KS 1 & 2, and our Adults Range for everybody over 11 years of age.  We have worked with many schools to install outdoor gym equipment and the feedback from teaching staff and children is always incredibly postitive.   Why not explore our various ranges here to find out more: Outdoor gyms for schools.

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