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Teenage girl equipment for schools

If schools taught girls fitness and not just netball, we’d all be much better off!

One of the problems with school sports and PE is that it does lasting psychological damage to some people in their relationship to sports and fitness. 

Teenage Girls on Fresh Air Fitness Outdoor Gym Equipment for Schools

15th June 2017

This is especially true of girls. Negative memories of PE classes and of not being picked for team games leaves people feeling intimidated about all aspects of fitness including going to a gym.

Part of the reason is the competitiveness surrounding sports and games and the sense of being a “failure” if you lack ball skills or hand-eye coordination.

But everyone can find a form of exercise that they enjoy. Schools should be teaching pupils about how to keep fit and to find a way to enjoy exercise. These are lifelong skills and attitudes that we all need for a happy fulfilling life.  

Fresh Air Fitness is committed to providing fun, invigorating ways to exercise. We have the widest range of equipment for schools in the UK. We have a child sized range for Primary School age children and an adult range for Seniors. An outdoor gym is participative and non competitive. It is enjoyed by boys and girls and is a fun introduction to exercise. Primary school age children use their outdoor gym equipment in PE lessons but also during breaktimes, after school clubs and summer clubs. To read more how the fitness landscape across a school community has been challenged and expanded, read some of our schools case studies

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