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How Outdoor Gym Equipment aids your New Year Resolutions

14th January 2019

The New Year is officially here which means that a wave of gym amateurs are looking to get in shape. But with costly membership fees and the competition for each machine, you can often find yourself not working out at all!

This is an opportunity for the outdoor gym equipment installed at your local park to be of use. Outdoor gyms are an excellent facility that enables you to access the equipment at a regular gym, but with the added benefit of exercising in the fresh air.

There are an abundance of benefits that come with using outdoor gym equipment. And there are some that we have covered in more detail below.

They are Free to Use

Unlike conventional gym equipment, outdoor gym pieces are free to use once they’re installed. They are purchased and implemented for the precise reason for you to work out and exercise

If you see an outdoor gym in your area, you have such a wonderful resource on your doorstep. Be sure to make full use of the equipment there and start working towards your New Year goal!

Outdoor Gyms are Extremely Safe

Each outdoor gym piece that you may come across have passed a number of safety regulations and tests to ensure that they are fit for purpose for you (and the rest of the community) to use.

For example, each of our gym pieces are rigorously tried and tested, above and beyond what is necessary, to ensure that we provide you with a high quality gym. Our products all meet EN1176 & EN16630 safety standards, a nationally recognised safety level.

Exercising in Fresh Air is more Beneficial

Exercising in the outdoors can actually prove to be more beneficial. With a large oxygen supply available, you are able to train for longer and train harder, meaning that you will smash your New Year goals in no time!

It has also been proven that exercising outside makes it more enjoyable. This means that you will want to continue exercising and contribute towards reaching your targets.

Make Use of Outdoor Gym Equipment

Often overlooked, outdoor gyms are an excellent resource that you may have at your disposal. If you are put off by gym membership prices and the intimidation of fellow gym goers, then these are an excellent alternative for you.

All you have to do is put on your gym clothes, make sure you stay warm and smash your goals!

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