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Ever wondered how our gym equipment is made?

At Fresh Air Fitness, our fitness equipment tends to work so well that people can sometimes take it for granted, without wondering what went in to producing it. But, like anything else, it needs to be created in the first instance. So how do we do it? 

machine cutting metal for parts

10th July 2023

Our production process is based on three key principles: 

  • Using the latest techniques and technology in our factory
  • Investing in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure quality 
  • Doing everything we can to minimise waste 


Behind the scenes

Here’s more behind-the-scenes detail about our production processes: 

  • All steel parts are S235JR, a high-grade construction steel made in accordance with the EN 10025-2 standard.
  • All steel tubing is cut using an auto-loading tube laser. This cuts incredibly accurately, with a tolerance of just 0.2mm.
  • Our flat steel parts are cut on laser-cutting machines using the same high level of precision. This clever machine also calculates the best use of space from the sheet, minimising any waste. 
  • Once cut, the steel goes to our automated bending machines. This allows a single piece of metal to be shaped to create handles avoiding unnecessary welding.
  • Once the individual elements are ready for welding, they are welded by one of our seven robot welders. These work across the whole product, welding at every axis in just one processing step, giving optimum metal penetration with a clean finish reducing the amount of grinding work required. 
  • The next stage is our automated shot-blasting booth. This machine takes all the metal parts and shot-blasts them to Sa2.5, the second-highest achievable standard in shot-blasting and forming what is classed as near-white (clean steel), which creates a great base for our powder coating.
  • Our equipment is then loaded onto our production line within two hours of leaving the shot-blasting machine, ready for powder coating.  Firstly it goes through the zinc powder booth, which has three powder coaters, one on each side of the equipment, while a third uses a special powder-coating applicator to combat the Faraday effect and ensure all equipment is covered with the right amount of powder. Finally the they go through for their final coat adding colours. All booths use the latest filtration system so we can recycle and reuse the powder that was previously lost.
  • The products are then assembled by our highly experienced engineers in our UK workshop facility.  Completing the process, which our internal quality controller then signs off, to ensure every piece of Fresh Air Fitness outdoor gym equipment arrives on site meeting our exacting standards.

So by the time the equipment gets used, it’s been through a very rigorous process to ensure its quality and safety, whether you’re a schoolcouncil or hotel

Talk to us today about what you need for your open-air gym: we’re always happy to discuss our production methods and to chat about what pieces of kit would best suit you. 

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