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Guidance for re-opening and using outdoor gyms safely

We are delighted to hear that outdoor gyms are being allowed to reopen from 4th July, please find further details and guidance below:

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2nd July 2020

The government has released guidance on issues that need to be considered in terms of reopening playgrounds and outdoor gyms as per link.

In addition to the measures in government guidelines, there are specific points that should be borne in mind in respect of outdoor gyms:

- Before opening undertake a safety check of the equipment, make sure the movement on all dynamic pieces is unhindered and check there is no movement in the equipment from their fixings.

- We recommend regular cleaning of the equipment. Please do NOT wipe down with bleach or any bleach solution since this will affect the paintwork.

- Cleansing can be undertaken in the following ways:

    1. warm soapy water

    2. anti-bacterial wipes

    3. bleach-free disinfectant spray or alcohol solution.

- We suggest that users carry anti-bacterial hand gel and sanitise their hands before using each piece of equipment. Users should also wash their hands in hot soapy water before and after using the gym.

- We do have double and triple users’ pieces where each user faces each other. We would recommend only one user uses this equipment at any one time.

- We suggest that user’s workout on one piece of equipment each time and then moving onto another rather than using the equipment as a circuit.


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