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Where can I get funding support for new Outdoor Gym Equipment?

In this blog, we provide a comprehensive list of the current funding schemes and grants that are presently available for 2023. Follow the links provided for further information and to find out if you meet their criteria, or speak to one of our specialists today 01483 608860.

Big Community National Lottery opens Fresh Air Ftiness Gym

17th January 2023

There are a range of funding opportunities which can be applied to in support of an outdoor gym project and other community-related projects. In this blog, we outline many of the funding schemes which are presently open or about to open. Some of these schemes have very specific requirements, use the links provided to find out further information.

In addition to those listed below, you may find further funds available for local communities and schools situated near to landfill sites, wind farm areas, solar parks, nuclear power stations and airports. We would highly recommend making contact with them for further information.

National Opportunities

Biffa Award

Biffa Award gives grants to community projects near landfill sites, to build communities and transform lives



The Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) is an innovative tax credit scheme enabling operators of landfill sites in England and Northern Ireland to contribute money to organisations enrolled with ENTRUST as Environmental Bodies.


Greggs Foundation 

The Greggs Foundation offers grants to not-for-profit organisations based in local communities in England, Scotland and Wales to deliver projects or provide equipment to people in need at the heart of their local communities.


London Marathon Charitable Trust

The London Marathon Charitable Trust provides funding to inspire thousands of children and adults across the UK to be active for life. Various funds available for London and National

Our Funds | London Marathon Charitable Trust (


Morrisons Foundation

Supports charities delivering projects which help to improve people’s lives. Providing vital funding for good causes across England, Scotland and Wales.


National Lottery Awards for All 

Supports communities with the things that are important to them, including mitigating the impact of the cost-of-living crisis and supporting them as they seek to recover, rebuild and grow following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The National Lottery Awards for all scheme fund projects and organisations which aim to:

·       build strong relationships in and across communities

·       improve the places and spaces that matter to communities

·       help more people to reach their potential, by supporting them at the earliest possible stage

·       support people, communities and organisations that are facing increased demands and challenges as a direct result of the cost-of-living crisis.


Screwfix Foundation 

A grant giving charity supporting projects that improve, repair and maintain homes and community facilities used by those in need throughout the UK. 

The Screwfix Foundation currently offers local registered charities and not-for-profit organisations funding up to the region of £5,000.


Sport England

Return to Play: Active Together 

A £7.5 million fund, with up to £10,000 in matchfunding. This programme is a coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic recovery fund, helping sport and physical activity organisations to move forward with priority projects and running costs that they might still be struggling with.


Sport England

This Small Grants Programme seeks to develop opportunities for communities to get more people physically active. Awards of £300-£15,000 are available to not-for-profit organisations.


SUEZ Communities Trust 

The Trust supports community and environmental improvement projects through the Landfill Communities Fun and the Scottish Landfill Communities Fund, distributing funds contributed by SUEZ recycling and recovery UK The trust provides funding awards of up to £50,000 to not-for-profit organisations in England and Scotland.


Tesco Community Grants (formerly Tesco Bags of Help)

Tesco Community Grants fund thousands of local community projects across the UK, helping to fight holiday hunger, tackle mental health, support young people, host community events, developing play areas and much more.


The Hargreaves Foundation 

The Foundation’s objectives are underpinned by the desire to give those under the age of 18, and living with a mental health condition, disability, or growing up in poverty, the opportunity to fulfil their potential whilst improving wellbeing, self-esteem and independence.


Veolia Environmental Trust: Community Grant 

The Veolia Environmental Trust is inviting not-for-profit organisations in England and Wales to apply for funding to support environmental or community-based projects that make improvements to community facilities and the natural environment.


Wooden Spoon

Aims to improve the quality and prospect of life for children and young people living in the UK and Ireland who are physically, socially or mentally disadvantaged. Grants are available to special needs schools.


Further National Opportunities

Coalfields Regeneration Trust

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust is dedicated towards regenerating former mining towns and industrial areas across England, Wales and Scotland


Esmee Fairbairn Foundation

An independent grant-making foundation who’s aim is to improve the natural world, secure a fairer future and strengthen the bonds in communities in the UK.  


Garfield Weston Foundation 

Support a wide range of charities that make a positive difference, working in different sectors in the UK. These include welfare, youth, community, environment, education, health, arts, heritage and faith.  


Henry Smith Charity 

The Henry Smith Charity aims to use its resources to help people and communities at a time of need and to bring about positive change. We achieve this by funding organisations that work with people to reduce social and economic disadvantage.  


Peoples Health Trrust 

A charity addressing health inequalities throughout the country.


The Foyle Foundation 

The Foyle Foundation is an independent grant-making trust that distributes grants to UK charities.  


The Trust House 

A grant making foundation giving grants to small and medium sized local organisations in the UK with a demonstrable track record of success working to address local issues in communities of extreme urban deprivation and deprived rural districts.  


The Tudor Trust 

An independent grant-making trust which supports voluntary and community groups working in any part of the UK. N.B. Applications are currently closed until 1st April 23.  


Regional Funding opportunities

England and English Regions  


Cory’s Community Fund 

Supports activities in the community that generate positive improvements in local people’s lives.


Cambridgeshire Community Foundation 

Provides a wide range of funds and programme, each with their own criteria.


FCC Community Action Fund: England

The FCC Community Action Fund provides grants of between £2,000 and £100,000 to not-for-profit organisations for amenity projects eligible under Object D and Object DA of the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF).


Local Airport Grants 

As mentioned previously, local airports grant approx. £100,000 annually to causes and establishments within their flight paths and surrounding areas – so check with your local airport for funding opportunities. 


Central Government provides opportunities to apply for community-based funding and grants for projects like activities for young people and development of communal facilities.


London Play 

The London Play website lists major funding sources and website links for the London area.


Viridor Credits 

Provides funding for a large range of projects. Funding community, heritage and buidiversity projects


The Johnson Foundation 

The Foundation supports UK registered charities working specifically within the Liverpool City Region in the areas of Welfare, Youth, Community, Arts, Education and Health.


Greater Manchester Green Spaces Fund

The £2.6m fund is open to all residents of Greater Manchester, supporting community-led projects that increase the amount and quality of accessible, nature-rich green space in the city region, particularly in the areas where people need it most.   




Play Wales

Working to raise awareness of children and young people's need and right to play. As well as a great source of information on current funding opportunities, Play Wales provide advice and guidance to support all those who have an interest in, or responsibility for providing for children's play.



A national membership body for voluntary organisations in Wales





FCC Scottish Action Fund

The FCC Scottish Action Fund provides grants of between £2,000 and £40,000 to not-for-profit organisations for the following types of projects eligible under Scottish Landfill Communities Fund (SLCF)


Play Scotland

Play Scotland works to promote the importance of play for all children and young people. Information on latest funding opportunities can be found here.  


The Directory of Social Change

Provides details of the latest funding opportunities and fundraising strategies.  


Impact Funding Partners  

Creating a fairer future, Impact funding partners support the third sector, private businesses, public sector and individual donors to create a positive social, environmental and economic impact.


As always, our Funding Experts are here to support you through the process of securing funds for your new outdoor gym equipment FREE OF CHARGE, they have already supported many of our customers to secure up to 100% funds for their projects. 

For more information, please call us 01483 608860 or complete the form below.


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