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woman doing plank exercise

Plank Variation Workout for Building Core Strength

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lady doing high plank exercise

15th June 2020

Download and give it a go here: Plank Variation Core Strengthening Workout.

A plank is a simple, effective bodyweight exercise that requires no equipment and can be performed just about anywhere. Incorporating planks into your exercise routine will help develop strength primarily in your core. Here are some plank variations that will not only target your core but also your shoulders, chest, arms, and glutes.

Next week, give it a go again and see if you can increase the number of sets in the same time or hold your position for longer. 

You can find a series of our HIIT workouts on our blog page. Here's our 15 Minute HIIT Arm Workout,  15 minute calorie burning Cardio HIIT workout and 15 Minute HIIT Full Body Strength Workout. Try to do 3-4 HIIT's each week or optimum results.

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