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FREE 20 Minute Children's HIIT workout 4

Need some PE inspiration? Let the kids try our latest HIIT workout today

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7th May 2020

Here it is! Our Children's Home HIIT Workout 4. Try our 20 minute high energy workout. All you'll need is a bit of floor space and plenty of water to keep them hydrated.

Each of the HIIT's in our series include a warm up which can also be used to cool down before stretching out at the end, perfect for PE lessons at home during lockdown.  

Did you miss our first HIIT workouts? You can find them here: Children's HIIT workout 1Children's HIIT workout 2 and Children's HIIT workout 3. We all know the importance of keeping children active every day, for both their physical and mental health. Why not use one of our home HIIT workouts every day to help meet the recommended 1 hour of exercise each day.

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