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Two guys using strength training equipment

Pull Down and Chest Press 'Combi', Fresh Air Fitness

How to get the most from this multi station, upper body strength training equipment.

Two women using strength training equipment

4th September 2017

The Combination Pull Down and Chest Press, shortened to “The Combi”, is one of our best selling strength pieces. Regular strength or resistance training has been shown to have significant health benefits for all age groups and sexes, including senior users. The Combi, with its two user stations, is perfect for building upper body strength. The piece consists of a Pull Down Challenger on one side and a Seated Chest Press on the other.

The Pull Down Challenger uses body weight for resistance and is great for building up strength in the shoulders, arms and upper back (lats). Users can vary the difficulty by increasing the number of repetitions performed. Different muscles in the upper back can be worked by varying positions – users can perform the Pull Down exercise either forward facing or by facing inwards towards the machine.

The Seated Chest Press is great for building strength in the chest, arms and shoulders. The exercise is challenging and can be varied by using different grips (i.e. higher or lower on the handles) and by varying the number of repetitions. By varying the speed of the exercise, the intensity can be changed – the slower the exercise is performed the harder it becomes to do!

Being a “double piece” means that two users can exercise at the same time, so this is wonderfully social piece since two friends can work out at the same time. Furthermore, a user can work time effectively by moving between the two exercises to perform each set of exercises without a break, since the main emphasis is on different muscle groups.

To find out more about the range of products Fresh Air Fitness offers to build strength through outdoor exercise, visit our strength training equipment page.

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