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Children Exercise

Children’s attention and memory improves after short bursts of exercise!

New research shows that children’s attention, memory and mood all improve after just 15 minutes of exercise

Outdoor fitness

18th January 2018

New research published by the University of Stirling across a study of 12,000 children showed that children’s attention, memory and mood all improved after 15 minutes of exercise.  The study looked at 3 groups of children all doing different activity.  A control group standing but not exercising; a group running or walking at their own pace; and a group doing higher intensity sprints against a beep test.

Both exercise groups showed improvements against the control group, but the best results came from those who did 15 minutes of activity at their own pace.

Fresh Air Fitness playground equipment is ideal to get children exercising at their own pace during break times or PE classes.,5D0PA,8905CO,KQ0Q2,1


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