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Our Guide to an Alternative Bonfire Night

“Remember, remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder treason and plot. We see no reason. Why gunpowder treason. Should ever be forgot!”

Alternative Bonfire Night Tasty Treats

3rd November 2020

Bonfire Night’s going to be a little different this year, but don’t let this dull your sparkle. Here is our guide on how to make your 2020 Bonfire Night as colourful, exciting and fun as ever at home. 


Decorate your home or garden with pretty fairy lights and crafty decorations. Think painted leaves, pumpkin carvings, tissue paper bonfires, Autumn wreaths, pipe cleaner fireworks and paper rockets. Grab whatever you can find to hand and set the perfect backdrop for a selfie or two! 


My goodness, there are some tasty treats to be enjoyed on bonfire night. From cooking up your own jacket potatoes over an open fire to building and melting biscuit and marshmallow smores to gobble up. Wrap up warm in coat, scarf, hat and gloves and head out into the garden to get your own fire pit started. 


Mystical Fire Flame Colorant produces brilliant and captivating colours! It can be used for your indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit. To give your fire magical rainbow flames simply sprinkle one mystical fire packet into the flames and watch the mesmerising multi-coloured display last up to 30 minutes. Wait for the ‘wow’ from anyone watching.  


During the days leading up to Guy Fawkes night, traditionally, children would build a home-made guy and leave it out on the street with a sign reading ‘Penny for the Guy’. Why not grab some straw and stockings and build your very own Guy Fawkes, dress him up and put him out on display? You could even get the neighbours involved and hold a ‘Best Guy’ competition.


Who doesn’t love a sparkler? Light sparklers for everyone and tell them to write their names in the sky! Why not have a competition to see who can draw the best sparkler sky picture before your sparkler runs out. Make sure to have a bucket of water at the ready to place dead sparklers in as they may still be hot.


Have you ever had a treasure hunt in the dark? It adds an extra element of fun to a scavenger hunt. Hide glow sticks all over the garden. Make some of them trickier to find by hiding them high up in bushes or trees and behind plant pots. See who can find the most the fastest. A lot of fun for adults and children alike!


Who will be left holding the ‘hot potato’ and be out of the game? Gather your family or housemates around the fire and one person starts holding the potato. When the music starts, throw the potato from person to person and continue around the circle. Whoever is left holding the ‘hot’ potato when the music stops, is out. Continue playing until one player is left to claim their victory!


Start the music and the leader shouts instructions which the children have to follow. Lots of energy needed for this one and no winners or losers, just loads of fun! Instructions as follows:

‘Catherine Wheel’ – everyone must spin round and round with their arms stretched out.

‘Rocket’ – everyone must crouch down low and then jump up as high as they can.

‘Sparklers’ – everyone must put their hands up, stretch out their fingers and dance up and down and round and round.

‘Bangers’ – everyone must clap their hands and count 1, 2, 3 and shout ‘Bang’.


Late-night campfire games don’t get any better than this classic. It is also a great one to play if you need to keep the noise down. 

Basically, your household sits around the campfire and you select one person to think of phrase. It can be simple or silly. But if it starts silly then it is likely to get even sillier. The first person whispers their phrase into the ear of next person and so on. No one is allowed to repeat themselves. Once the phrase has been passed around the circle, the last person says it out loud to everyone who has already had a turn. Go around the circle twice if there are only a few of you, to make it even more silly! The results are guaranteed to be hilarious.


One of the oldest Bonfire Night traditions is apple bobbing. Fill a bucket cold water and float a whole load of apples in it. The trick to the game is pulling an apple out of the water with only your teeth.  A successful ‘bob’ earns you the apple as a prize. Make your prize more exciting to eat afterwards by dipping in melted toffee or chocolate!

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