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2020 resolutions

New year, new you!

Here is my go-to healthy eating plan, one of the most successful plans I’ve tried that allows me to lose around 2lbs each week

Tom using fresh air fitness outdoor gym

6th January 2020

As the new year begins, and the excesses of Christmas become realised (with our clothes that feel that little bit snugger!) resolutions are made which we all try and stick to.  Probably the most common resolutions are to get more active and to lose that extra weight.

Studies have shown that in order to succeed with lasting weight loss, the two key components are regular exercise and a healthy eating plan.  

I have tried numerous healthy eating plans over the years, what I’ve learnt is that it must be sustainable and balanced enough to keep hunger at bay while providing a good level of protein. This should ensure you can maintain or even improve fitness and strength levels.

Here is my go-to healthy eating plan, one of the most successful plans I’ve tried that allows me to lose around 2lbs each week while allowing me to maintain what I do at the gym.

Breakfast – Porridge, made with porridge oats and milk

Mid-morning (about 10am) – a small box of nuts (non -roasted)

Late-morning – (about noon) – fat free plain yogurt with fruit (berries or apple)

Lunch - (about 2pm) – one chicken breast

Late afternoon – piece of fruit (apple)

Dinner – Bolognese (meat or vegetarian equivalent) with small portion of pasta

Liquid intake – drink plenty of water throughout the day, plus green or herbal teas.

If hungry graze on a piece of fruit!

Switch up your dinner for a bit of variety, always include a lean protein e.g. white fish, chicken breast, veggies and a small portion of low fat carbs e.g. boiled potatoes, couscous, rice.

Of course diet isn't the full story, regular exercise is also important. If you’re looking for a new fitness challenge, why not try one of our outdoor gyms?  You’ll find them across the UK, in parks and recreation grounds. They give everyone an opportunity to exercise, whatever your fitness level, without costing you a penny!

Hopefully combining my diet plan with regular exercise, a realistic healthy living plan, will help you to achieve your new year aims.

Please note, if you’re completely new to this kind of lifestyle, I’d highly recommend seeing you GP before starting, I’m not a doctor, nutritionist or a dietician and as such if you’re in any doubt consult an expert first.

Good luck and happy new year!

Tom, Fresh Air Fitness 

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