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The Fresh Air Fitness Annual Survey 2019: The Results

Survey reveals what motivates people to follow a healthy active lifestyle, what challenges they face and where fitness interests currently lie.

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3rd February 2020

The Fresh Air Fitness Annual Survey 2019 asked 300 adults living in the UK about their health, nutrition and fitness choices. For some questions, participants were asked to choose more than one answer, if it applied to them.

The intention of this blog is to summarise the key findings from the survey. We hope it becomes a valuable, practical tool to help the wide range of organisations from councils to schools to mental health clinics up and down the UK with an interest in providing exercise and physical activity solutions. We hope these survey results provide insight into understanding and recognising the importance of what adults feel are their main challenges when making regular exercise part of a lifestyle, as well as highlighting where their interests currently lie and what they feel motivates them.

The survey asked 6 questions in total.

Question 1: Right now, where do you feel you need the most help regarding your health, fitness and nutrition?

We asked participants of the survey where they felt they needed the most help regarding their health fitness and nutrition. Survey participants were asked to choose all options that applied to them. 132 people felt they needed the most help with exercise and moving more, 126 felt they struggled most with nutrition and eating better, 120 people felt they needed a better quality of sleep and more of it, and 107 people felt they needed help to reduce their stress levels.    

Question 2: Right now, do you have anyone in your life who makes sure you are accountable and consistent when it comes to your health, nutrition and/or fitness choices?

When asked whether survey participants felt they had someone in their lives who makes sure they are accountable and consistent when it comes to their health, nutrition and fitness choices, only 25% felt that they did.

Question 3: What do you think would make you feel more confident and in control of your health, fitness and nutrition (choose all that apply)

Our survey asked participants what they thought would make them feel more confident and in control of their health, fitness and nutrition. This question also allowed participants to select more than one option. The data we collected showed that 238 people felt that making better choices consistently would help, 86 people said a clear nutrition plan would be helpful, and 73 people felt they would require coaching and guidance.

Question 4: Do you have a gym membership?

Out of the 320 people surveyed, only 27% had a gym membership. With 73% of the survey group not having one.

Question 5: What motivates you to get active?

The survey asked what motivated participants to get active. Our data concluded that 125 people used a big event, like a holiday, as motivation, 75 people felt working out with friends helped to motivate them, 71 people used electronic/fitness devices, 40 people felt motivated by competition, and 28 people found playing in a team motivational.

Question 6: What new trends would you like to try for 2020?

Finally, we asked survey participants what new trends they would like to try in 2020.

A HIIT class with yoga was the most popular choice, with 117 responses, closely followed by 91 people choosing outdoor fitness. 84 participants selected at-home spinning bikes, 74 chose body weight training and 43 wanted to revisit retro PE lessons.


In conclusion, the survey revealed that most adults interviewed have fitness on their radar but need to put measures into place such as a ‘buddy system’ or an electronic device to create more motivation to get out and exercise regularly.

On the basis of these findings, it would seem that consistency was also a major factor in sustaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. What’s more, respondents believe achieving consistency would bring confidence and a feeling of control over their own health and fitness goals.

It is universally accepted that an increase in regular exercise improves mental and physical health, but the survey outlines that coaching and guidance which helps adults make better choices, would support this process.

Putting measures in place to increase motivation and consistency, particularly when involving buddy’s or coaches, could provide respondents with the accountability that 75% feel they lack.

Finally, for 2020, most respondents said they would like to try new trends such as HIIT with yoga or outdoor fitness.


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