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Man using the big wheel upper body outdoor gym equipment

Key benefits of the Big Shoulder wheel

From warming up to activating the core, find out the various benefits of using the Big Shoulder Wheel within your workout.

People using the Big Shoulder Wheel, upper body outdoor gym equipment

31st August 2017

One of the most popular upper body pieces in our adults' range is the Big Shoulder Wheel. This piece has been designed to:

- Improve upper body flexibility

- Increase range of movement

- Elevate blood flow to Shoulder complex, Traps, rotator cuff, biceps and triceps

- Core activation work

The Big Shoulder Wheel is suitable for all abilities and the two differing wheel heights allow a comfortable use for all users. Great for use before a work out to warm up the shoulder muscles and stretch out or to activate and engage the core muscles.

With one arm on the wheel, the user can gently stretch out and activate the shoulder complex. With 2 hands on the wheel flexing the torso from side to side, the user can activate, strengthen and stretch their core.

The Big Shoulder Wheel really is a great piece for users of all abilities and ages.

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How to use this product

Here’s a handy video of the Big Shoulder Wheel in action.

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