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Primary schools outdoor gym equipment

Let’s give our primary school children a lesson for life: a love of health and fitness! Our range of outdoor gym equipment, endorsed by OFSTED, an excellent use of Sports Premium are specifically designed for primary school aged children.

Why An Outdoor Gym?

As advances in technology increasingly draw young people indoors and the curriculum become more demanding, it can be hard to find time to coax children outside for the fresh air and exercise that they need to thrive.

Our range of outdoor gym equipment, endorsed by OFSTED, is specifically designed for primary school aged children. Outdoor exercise is proven to enhance fitness, stimulate emotional wellbeing and help deliver essential oxygen and vitamin D, while working on specific physical benefits including muscle strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination – not to mention the sense of achievement the children will have!

We have a wealth of experience working with local authorities, PTAs, governing bodies and teachers to install outdoor gyms in schools across the UK. Safety, quality and long warranties come as standard – as does our full attention and advice throughout.

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You might like to:

  • 1Create a dedicated outdoor gym ‘classroom’.
  • 2Create a trim trail for students to explore throughout the grounds if space is tight.
  • 3Work the gym into structured PE classes – we have curriculum-friendly lesson plans available.
  • 4Offer gender neutral sports and exercise equipment
  • 5Create an exciting new fitness after-school club.
  • 6Enable pupils to use their gym in breaks to ensure maximum use and benefit.

Ditcham Park Primary & Secondary School


Pupils at Ditcham Park School, Hampshire Celebrate Success With A New Outdoor Gym by Fresh Air Fitness


30/40 minute lesson plan for a class of 24 children

  • 1

    Warm-up Suggestion: The Jungle

    (Approx 5 minutes)

    How to play:

    Explain to the children that they are in the middle of the ‘jungle’ where there are many things they need to avoid.  Giving appropriate commands, allow the children to act the part

    • Jump over logs
    • Duck under branches
    • High knees through quicksand
    • Run from the tiger
    • Tip toe past the snake


  • 2

    Group children in 2’s and line each group beside a piece of equipment

    • Children can exercise in pairs on the double pieces with another pair counting their reps.
    • On single pieces, pairs can take turns, one using the equipment while the other counts their reps.
    • After each pair have used a piece, rotate the pairs clockwise to the next piece of equipment or station.
  • 3

    Cool Down

    At the end of the PE class, cool down and stretch (approx. 5 mins)

  • Equipment: Children's Air Skier
    No. Children: 4
    Time: 1 - 2 mins per child
    Why Not Try:

    Swing 60

    How many full swings can you make in 60 seconds?

    Equipment: Children's Arm and Pedal Bike
    No. Children: 2
    Time: 1 - 2 mins per child
    Why Not Try:

    Power up

    How many turns can you make in 2 minutes?

    Equipment: Children's Double Cross Country Skier
    No. Children: 4
    Time: 1 - 2 mins per child
    Why Not Try:

    The leg shift

    Use your arms to balance but use your legs to drive the machine forwards and back.

    Equipment: Children's Double Air Walker
    No. Children: 4
    Time: 1 - 2 mins per child
    Why Not Try:

    Slow down!

    Move in slow motion, extending your legs as far as possible.

    Equipment: Children's Rider
    No. Children: 2
    Time: 1 - 2 mins per child
    Why Not Try:

    Speedy rider

    How many strokes can you make in a minute?

    Equipment: Children's Seated Leg Press
    No. Children: 4
    Time: 1 - 2 mins per child
    Why Not Try:

    Slow down!

    Move in slow motion, extending your legs as far as possible for 30 seconds.

    Equipment: Children's T'ai Chi Spinners
    No. Children: 4
    Time: 1-2 mins per child
    Why Not Try:

    Mix it up

    Just like rubbing your tummy and patting your head, try turning the spinners in variety of directions;

    clockwise, anticlockwise, hands moving together in one direction and then in opposite directions simultaneously.

    Show full lesson plan

Outdoor gyms tailored to your school

This new sports facility has been an instant hit with our pupils. Used during break time, it keeps the children active irrespective of their fitness level, they all want to have a go!


All points of contact from initial enquiry to final install completion were very helpful and friendly. The area where the equipment is now looks great and is in constant use


Our new outdoor gym has been a fantastic addition to our physical education lessons. Installation was quick and simple. The equipment offers the children a challenging workout using very different movement, complimenting their learning greatly




Higher education


Special educational needs


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Primary School Outdoor Gym Equipment

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